Why does your business need CRM

  • Do you know what happened to your Inquiry at any given time?
  • Your system gives you timely reminder on critical step in the sales process/meeting/payment pending reminders/shipments?
  • Existing Customer problems resolved in a timely fashion?
  • Can you track time and money spent on inquiry?
  • Do you know reason for lost sales?
  • Do you have history of all Communication with customer/client/dealer?
  • Control of Pre-Sales,After Sales and Services.
  • Centralized contacts and inquiry
  • Do you know sales team productivity today?
  • Do you have access to Centralised Documents sent or received ?

Track and monitor your sales.

  1. Track Inquiry from receiving to conclusion.
  2. Handle & track multiple inquiries for a specific customer.
  3. Check daily progress of your team with advance analytics.
  4. Business Snap shot (Todays Inquiry/Lead/Conversions/Attempts)
  5. Create Inquiry/quotation/order/invoice in seconds.
  6. Maintain all customer documents in one place.
  7. Get email/SMS alert on payable/receivable/meetings..., all centralized
  8. Ticketing System for Support
  9. Sales Dashboard
  10. Built in email client, use your existing email.
  11. Integrate Inquiry directly from other sources like IndiaMart
  12. Best of all, run the application on PC / Laptop / Mobile Android anytime anywhere.

Why Divya Cloud CRM?

Enterprise application that does it all with affordable rates. Support, service, experience- dedicated team and expertise in CRM Solution, serves clients with quick response time.

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