CRM Approval Management - Workflow Management

Automate approval management process to speed up business continuity.

Approval Management

Make your business process faster with point and click simplicity for approval management and organization's management will always stay in the loop. Manage success with flexible approval processes and check and review for deal discounts, expenses, and more. Automating approval management process can increase productivity, accuracy and speed up business continuity.

Quotation & Invoice Approvals

You can use this feature to trigger an approval process for quotations and invoices created from CRM application. A supervisor checks and views the quotation or invoice and then approves or rejects it. You can also have the CRM system process your quotations and invoices without requiring a supervisor to approve them but for this customizing should be done to approval has to be set as an optional process.

Inventory Approvals

It is when approval process is triggered for Inventory management process, here approval could be set for inquiry, purchase order management, sales order management and for invoice generation.