CRM Software with Calendar Management

Never miss an appointment/event with centralized calendar.

Calendar Management

Create Events

Centralized and integrated calendar facilitates to create and prioritize your events based on category. Configure event alerts and get notifications from in-window pop-ups to emails.

Set Reminders

Set the range for any event created, repeating events can be scheduled to appear in a calendar automatically every week, twice a month, or any at any other interval you choose. Can also manage task due date reminder, inquiry reminder, Receivables, payables and appointments reminders.

Pre Schedule Alerts

All events created in DivyaCloud CRM, customer meetings or follow up phone calls are integrated with the calendars in our Cloud Based Application and could be pre scheduled to receive a prior alert for the same.

Day to Day Planner

Planners are essential for managing your time and tracking your goals. A look at the daily planner will provide you with all information on what you need to do that day.