CRM DashBoard

Drill down data insights to recognize opportunities.

CRM Insights

DivyaCloud CRM Insights provides rich, up-to-the-minute information about the companies and people you care about. CRM Insights consists of three major components-business snapshot, dashboard and reports which provides important information on key elements like sales pipeline, contacts and tasks that can help you win more deals.

CRM Dashboard

Analytics are the pulse of any organization as they provide insights in the financial health of the companies at any given point of time. Dashboard provides objectivity to any operation and lets the management keep a close look on the performance and the results of strategic decisions at one go. DivyaCloud Cloud Based Application's Dashboard provides with insightful information which can be accessed at a click. Helps in identification of new opportunities, performance analysis, sales analytics, business metrics and diagnose potential issues.

Business Snapshot

The Company Snapshot is a great way to keep a bird’s eye view on what’s going on in your business. Use the Company Snapshot to get real-time information of leads, tasks, your planner and performance in one place. Here you can quickly see trends in your quotations and invoice receipts, this helps you to quickly access transactions for all your sales reps and customers, such as sales receipts and received payments. From your home screen you'll see a detailed overview of everything you need to know about your sales pipeline. See everyone's tasks, top deals, goals, and active deals that updates in realtime and showu you tour daily planner.

CRM Reports

DivyaCloud CRM offers fully customizable reports in all the modules (Contacts, Quotation And Billing, Project Management And Inventory Management). Standard CRM reports in sales, marketing, contacts, task and inventory management modules. Export sales report data to various user-friendly formats.