CRM Incident Management (Ticketing System)

Easy issue tracking.

Incident Management

CRM for incident management in an enterprise environment helps in reporting problems related to work or support. Incident management is defined as the the process accountable for managing the life cycle of all incidents.

Add Issue

One can directly create incident with a single click and customizable category. It's purpose is to reinstate normal service operation as fast as possible and remove the negative impact on business operations, thus making sure that agreed levels of service quality are maintained.

Assign Issue

Divya Cloud Issue Tracker is simple and all issue goes to central hub where it gets assigned Created Issue can be assigned to users with simple steps Management are in the loop for every department

Issue Tracking

The issue tracking we provide in our CRM system makes sure that standardized procedures and methods are used for prompt and efficient response, documentation, analysis, reporting of incidents and ongoing management, leading to improvised communication and visibility of incidents. The activities could be tracked down easily with issue tracking. Issue tracking enhances and maintains the user satisfaction without losing the quality of IT services.


Issues are sorted as created & Assign. Close,reopen or remark any issues with advanced search feature at company level to track the progress and turnaround time. The ability to instantly access incident information allows representatives to get a quick understanding of it. With this detailed knowledge right at fingertips it makes provision for better equipped and excellent support to clients by quickly and efficiently resolving any problems or issues.