CRM Task Management

Task management for business automation.

Task Management

Wherever you are you can create a task get it synchronized with your calendar. With this feature of our CRM organizing all your tasks in one place is possible with something as easy as a mouse click, we provides a simple way to track them across your entire business.

Add/ Edit Tasks

Tasks are created by individuals in your organization for themselves in a "to do" form and in "to be done" form by management who are in the top level of the hierarchy. Tasks have time limits associated to them. There is a specific definition for what is considered a complete task.

Assign or Share Task

The tasks created could further be assigned and shared leading to Task/Project Collaboration.

Set Due Date, Priority, Status and Action

Tasks have actions/consequences that can be defined for either accomplishing it on time or missing the deadline. You can set priority and have category wise listing. Configure for customizing priority, status and action as per your business need. Track the progress with priority and status of the related task and categorization.

Send Alerts

Alerts are generated in form of Email & SMS so send alerts via email and sms and never miss a due date. With sms and email notifications integrated, users and management will always stay in the loop. Complete all your actions promptly through our interacting cloud business application and successfully beat your deadlines.

Archive Finished Tasks

After completion close and archive the task.

Synchronized With Calendar

DivyaCloud Task management is integrated with its calendar, so you can view it on calendar too. Never miss a task with quick reminder from centrally integrated calendar. Create online tasks and synchronize with calendar.