Automate Repetative Task

Assure the completion of work assigned.

Automate Repetative Task

Each and every business drives on schedules and tasks. Make and keep schedules that will actually be followed and handle more jobs in less time. It helps business climb up by having your employees productive and active. Once business has this cloud based business application your Business Earns On Its Own.


Create and schedule repetitive task requiring sign off with this application, the schedules may have a recurrence pattern as every week, twice a month or any at any other interval you choose. Schedules are integrated into the calendar which alerts the users in form of Email & SMS for a particular Schedule.

Track Status

Configurable Service, Action & Status as per business requirement. Notifications to managers when a specific work is being performed or is complete through schedules status.


Work scheduler make sure the work assigned to team members gets completed; this brings efficiency in the business process reducing man hours and saving cost in the process. Automated repetitive tasks are to be signed off by users once task is completed for the recurrence frequency set.