CRM Workflow Automation

Close more deals with your customized workflow.

Workflow Automation

The general understanding of work flow management for business process management is the automation of business processes. This includes synching of all parts of the business process, the management of all user interactions and administrative tasks. Tracking and reporting can be done through dashboard analytic where you could see all deals in a sales pipeline.

Organize your work flow

Organize your work flow pipeline as per your business needs directly without any code change. Can organize work flow at Company level or individual (User/Department) level this helps in tracking each & every stage of work flow easily by setting stages as mandatory/optional.

Track easily

One can easy track process from work flow and there is access to see other account information if you are admin of same group

workflow automation

It is cloud based which saves time, money and resources. Supports smooth functioning of a work-flow with a proper step wise stages selection, setting stages helps to create a seamless experience through out all levels of hierarchy helping to set up a standardized business process flow to make administration easy.