Digital Asset Management(DAM)

Make your office paperless.

Digital Asset Management

It's easy to upload and share unlimited digital assets. We provide a digital asset management feature that allows you to share digital data with your team, providing instant access.

Centralised (Document Repository)

The storage is a safe as the cloud provides a secure place to centralize your electronic document assets. Your team can then quickly access these digital assets from anywhere in the world. Each employee of your organization can have their own document store, and these document can be related to a function within the CRM application. It provides you with Digital Library where you can upload, view & share documents.


Digital asset management(DAM) on cloud CRM, upload your files to Cloud Based Application and make them accessible in a powerful document management system. Presentations, documents, videos, and any other files can be placed for download, collaborationand reference. Make one quick stop for all of your company's images, stock photos, videos, creative files, documents, presentations and more.

Document Previews

Integrated with Task, Quotaion and Invoicing & CRM, leave all your documents in secured Cloud. Your documents are available from any internet ready device anytime anyplace for preview. For instance previewing a purchase order(po) placed then and there where PO list is.

Document Lifecycle Management

Maintaing the document lifecycle becomes easy upload, check in and check out to make changes and once changes are done create versions of the same document. Archieve when you would not need the document anymore.