Inventory Management

Go Beyond CRM with DivyaCloud Enterprise Application.

Inventory Management

DivyaCloud enterprise application enables complete sales cycle management features by integrating inventory management to it. The features are product management, vendor management, quotation and invoice management, purchase order management and invoices generation with your leads and contacts.

Product Management

Manage all your products across various warehouse locations category-wise with simple create and edit. DivyaCloud inventory management system provides comprehensive details of all related information of the inventory product such as SKU, UOM, cycle count etc.

Invoice And Quotation Management

Create customized sales quotation and invoices templates as your organization's requirements with tax and terms & conditions details. Add products to the Quotation and Invoice it updates subtotal, taxes, adjustments and grand total amounts automatically, printer-friendly and delivers to the prospect customers through inbuilt email service. Create Sales Order or Invoice with a single click from the Sales Quotation with Billing & Shipping addresses.

Purchase Order Management

Create custom purchase order (PO) and streamline organization-wide procurement and fulfillment processes of inventory products with an integrated approach in DivyaCloud CRM. Manage up-to-date stock position by seamless integration between order fulfillment and available stock in your different warehouse locations. Periodically notify the stock position with cycle count and minimum quantity and reorder levels set so that stock is always available to fulfill the pending orders.

Pro-forma invoice

A pro-forma invoice outlines how much a certain number of goods or services will cost. Because the customer may not yet have agreed to, or even seen, these numbers a pro-forma invoice is designed to give the customer an idea of how much what they’re asking for will cost them.

Track Receipts and Payments

Track outstanding amount receivable and payable from purchase order, sales order and invoice view. With receipt entry know the amount transferred to you on the invoices created, in receiving track the stock fulfilment with accepted, damaged goods and respective amount to be paid by organization.

Vendor Management

Procure products from the available Vendors created by you, through contact management.