Sales Force Automation

CRM Sales Tracking And Forecasting.

Sales Force Automation

Lead Management

Track and manage sales leads (prospective customers), these are unqualified sales opportunities gathered at various situations, such as trade shows, seminars, advertisements, purchases from external sources and other marketing campaigns for the purpose of sales.

Opportunity Management

It is tracking of the sales cycle for a given opportunity from being a prospect to closing. In latter stages, attach quotes and invoices accordingly, or when the work is over, create a project.

Alert Management

Get alerts for reminders and follow ups. Emails alerts and alerts on calendar are available along with alerts display in the application interface.


Never miss an appointment. Schedule alerts, get reminder and never miss any single opportunity.

Increase Sales And Conversion Rate

If the lead generation - and follow ups are right, you could improve your sales conversion rates effectively and efficiently.

Sales Forecasting

Rate your contacts, set gradation & priority management. Track sales stage and probability analytics to know conversion rate.